Flying Goose Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce 730 ml (Pack of 2)



Vegan, Gluten Free, Ready To Use, Product of ThaiLand

Sriracha is a traditional chilli sauce, from the city of Si Racha in eastern Thailand and is known for its distinctive sharpness. Sriracha sauce was originally used in local seafood restaurants and now Asian cuisine is hard to imagine without it. Flying Goose Sriracha Chilli Sauce contains delicious ingredients such as chilli, vinegar, sugar, salt, and a little garlic. The hot flavor of the classic sriracha sauce goes very well with both meat dishes and seafood dishes as with noodle and rice dishes. Flying Goose Sriracha Chilli Sauce is also great for marinating or as a dipping sauce. Thanks to the convenient closure in the form of the typical colored caps, the Sriracha Chilli Sauce of Flying Goose is easy to recognize and easy to take along to your next BBQ.

Weight 414 g

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